Bringing Together Leading Institutional Managers in Pursuit of Your Goals
A successful investment program can speed your progress along the path to financial independence. It’s never been more important to enlist the aid of professional investment management on this journey. Experience, expertise and a disciplined approach to investing are critical to navigating today’s ever-changing financial markets. In addition, as someone who has successfully accumulated wealth, your situation is unique. Your goals may involve capital preservation and wealth transfer issues, as well as tax considerations. You need a personalized investment solution, delivered with objectivity.

Consider Manager Select 
A comprehensive investment solution, Manager Select provides access to the nation’s leading institutional money managers—expertise that is usually unavailable without extremely high account minimums. You’ll enjoy a full range of consulting, advisory and management services for a fixed annual fee, on par with—and often less than—the costs of other investment options. Furthermore, Manager Select enables you and your Athena Wealth Management Consultant to remain focused on a common goal: to maximize the value of your assets over time.

Focused On Your Goals 
Manager Select combines several investment services into a custom-tailored wealth management platform including investment planning, strategy development, manager selection, portfolio construction, on going management and monitoring, trade execution and performance measurement. You benefit from a personally crafted portfolio of individual securities that is separately managed by professional, institutional money managers. Your team of seasoned investment professionals, led by your Athena Wealth Management Consultant, is guided by your unique circumstances and objectives.

Your Personal Portfolio Management Team
Several individuals and teams of seasoned professionals work in concert to help ensure your assets are appropriately invested. Working together, your Athena Wealth Management Consultant, LPL research professionals and money managers makeup your personal portfolio management team. Their combined experience, expertise and clearly defined roles form a highly specialized solution to building or preserving your wealth over time.