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                        Insurance Services
Athena Wealth Management offers a complete range of business
   and individual insurance coverage with the most reliable care and
    comprehensive coverage that can meet all of your requirements.

Athena Wealth Management was built upon the premise that protecting your
    assets depends on customized care, knowledgeable agents and
complete access to a wide range of products. We will work with you to
             personalize a plan that fits your specific needs.

Our constant success is based on our dedication to provide first class
customer service for all of our clients. As an independent agency, we
have the ability to choose from a variety of products and are able to
    match your unique requirements to the plan that best meets your
individual or businesses situation. We have no pressure to meet quotas 
     or sell internal products so we can be completely devoted to our
                                    loyal customers.

                            Insurance Services Offered
We offer the best insurance services in the market today. Whether you
are in need of personal insurance, commercial insurance, group or
individual insurance, Athena Wealth Management can cater to all your needs.

                                    Products Offered

  •    Life Term
  •    Life Whole
  •    Life Variable
  •    Individual Health
  •    Group Health
  •    Disability   

                                           Contact Info
For further information please contact:

                     Keith Childs

              Tom Elliot                            Bruce Watkins     


We aggressively shop for the best rates for our clients. Currently we
represent over 30 carriers for Life & Health insurance.

   For comprehensive quote please call or email us.