Today’s investment landscape is complex – one where you are constantly faced with the challenge of successfully investing, preserving and growing your hard-earned retirement savings. For this reason, choosing an IRA rollover can be beneficial.

Greater Flexibility and Control
IRA rollovers can give you more flexibility and control over your retirement funds. You can make investment decisions based on your individual needs and financial goals – and not by the limits of your previous employer’s retirement plan. Additionally, some qualified retirement plans lock you into your company’s investment choices. For example, some employer plans may add or delete investment options, change plan providers or retain a certain portion of 401(k) assets in company stock. In contrast, an IRA rollover can give you an expanded range of investment choices where you can invest in any combination of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, money market accounts, fixed interest options or variable annuities. Given this flexibility, you and your Athena Wealth Management Financial Consultant can build the right mix of investments best suited for your unique needs and investment goals.

Professional Guidance
Armed with the education, training and skills that are essential in making sound investment recommendations, your Athena Wealth Management Financial Consultant can help you make choices based on individual considerations such as your long-term goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk. Additionally, your Athena Wealth Management Financial Consultant has access to a wide selection of money managers and investment options that are typically not available in company 401(k) plans.

Access to Sophisticated Investment Strategies
Working with your Wealth Management Financial Consultant, you can gain access to a number of key strategies that can help you invest your retirement funds.

You can benefit from strategies such as, asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing — as well as professional investment selection and monitoring.

Asset Allocation and Diversification
Asset allocation and diversification are strategies that can help you potentially maximize investment gains while seeking to minimize risks. Asset allocation is the process of determining how many of your investment dollars should be placed in each of the primary asset classes, such as stocks and bonds.